Al Mann & Al Salwa Company is one of the leader companies in the field of packaging solutions for cosmetics, perfume and medicine industries.
Our mission is to find the suitable package for your products to appear in the best image.
We are professionals in valves, pumps, aluminum cans and all the cases in different material such like plastic, aluminum and glasses as well.
  1. Valves include all types of valves which used in aerosol products ( body spray , litter gas , shows polish , furniture polish , air freshener ,insecticide , extra )
  2. 2. Pumps, for Shampoo, conditioner, hand soap, shower gel, and all other lotions.
  3. 3. Aluminum cans, for body sprayers, medicine, shows polish.
  4. 4. Triggers for glass cleaner, carpet freshener, etc...
  5. 5. Mist sprayer which is used in perfume.
  6. 6. Cases used for eye shadow, powder, and lip stick.
  7. 7. Glass bottles for perfume, medicine.
  8. 8. Essences.
One visit to our company and you will find all the solutions for you products
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